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what it costs  

At AK Technologies we aim to keep things clear and simple, honest and fair. This simple philosophy is why our clients keep coming back for more!


As a rough guide (because every website we do is unique), we offer the following pre-set options:-

OPTION 1 - Your designs, our expertise :: From £360OPTION 2 - SMB start-up website revamp :: From £900OPTION 3 - Bespoke online solution :: From £???

Prices are for guidance only and are based on an average for each of the options at our standard hourly rate.



Google SitemapsAs Google Sitemaps is still in its beta stages this is not included as one of our 7 standards. We like to keep up-to-date with todays new technology which is why we can offer you this extra service.

We charge £50 for the time it takes to create the Google Sitemaps (sitemaps.xml) sitemap file. This includes submission of your sitemap file and any optimisations to your robots.txt file too. We will need full FTP access to your website.



So many people judge a company by their website, as your company expands so too should your website.

If you need to edit or add new pages, code or search engine optimisations, Flash interactivity or databases, you can take advantage of all these extra services by our hourly rate, or discounted Pre-pay Credit Packs below.



£40 per hour for ad-hoc work.

Please note: AK Technologies is run on a freelance basis. AK Technologies is a small business and does not charge VAT.



Interested in a 15% saving? You can also take advantage of a 15% saving if you pay in advance for our Pre-pay Credit Packs.

It doesn't matter if you buy more than you initially need, as is much the case, you might want updates to a certain pages once your website has gone live.

If regular updates are needed then we can set up a monthly maintenance plan, whereby a 15% discount is apllied, this works on a Pre-pay Credit Pack basis.

Pre-pay Credit Packs Standard Rate Pre-pay Rate £ Saving % Saving
1  £     200.00  £      174.00  £    26.00 15%
2  £     400.00  £      348.00  £    52.00
3  £     600.00  £      522.00  £  78.00
4  £  800.00  £  696.00  £  104.00
5  £  1000.00  £  870.00  £  130.00
6  £  1200.00  £  1043.00  £  157.00
7  £  1400.00  £  1217.00  £  183.00
8  £  1600.00  £  1391.00  £  209.00
9  £  1800.00  £  1565.00  £  235.00
10  £  2000.00  £  1739.00  £  261.00

1 credit pack = 5 hours.
Pre-pay Credit Packs are non refundable and expire 12 months after the issue date.

Because every project we do is bespoke, it is impossible to give you an exact price without discussing your project first, so contact us today.


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