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OPTION 3 - Bespoke online solution :: From £???
Bespoke online solution
> Search engine optimisations (SEO): directory structuring, alt tags, meta tags, layout management, image optimisations and key phrase optimisations (view example)
> Online shop with full order processing and automated invoices (view example)
> Stock management and tracking
> Secure login areas on your website
> Custom Mass eMailing systems from your own database/Intranet (view example)
> Database management system
> Online user tracking
> Calendar booking systems
> Statistical analysis with graphs and charts
> Word and Excel website integration
> SQL database replication
> Create and edit your own Latest News page on your Intranet or website (view example)
> Logo designs (vector or raster)
> Templates are banned! Your website will be 100% bespoke
> All work is guaranteed by our 7 Standards
> Personal consultation (subject to location)
> 12 month quality assurance
> Backed by over 22 years of IT experience
> Anything you need, we can probably do
> We can also develop any existing web applications that you have in place
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